All About Your Chimney Liner

The team at Top Hat Chimney Sweeps is all about promoting fireplace safety and equipping homeowners with the knowledge they need regarding their chimney system. We undergo a lot of training and take advantage of numerous educational opportunities to better equip ourselves to serve the Auburn area, so we know there’s a lot to learn! If you’re eager to study the ins and outs of your system, but find the process overwhelming, let us help. We’re happy to answer any and all of your questions and provide you with the resources necessary to better grasp what the various parts of your chimney do.

Today, we’ll focus on the chimney liner. Its role in your fireplace’s overall functioning is extremely important and, without a proper-working one in place, you’ll be face-to-face with a lot of trouble. Learn more below!Outline of a house with chimney in front of sunset on green grass.

Protecting Your Home & Woodwork

One thing a chimney liner does is protect your home from house fires. The brickwork and mortar that make up your chimney are sturdy, but they can’t withstand the high temperatures and intense heat your fires produce. After time, they’ll wear down and crack, forming openings through which flames can escape.

Chimney liners protect your masonry, so that your fire stays contained and doesn’t reach the flammable woodwork surrounding it. A home with an unlined chimney could catch on fire within a matter of hours and, if you ask us, it’s definitely not worth the risk!

We can inspect your liner and ensure everything is in tip-top shape before you start off your burning season. Call today, and we’ll set you up right.

Keeping Your Masonry In Better Shape

Like we said above, masonry that is exposed to the heat your fireplace produces won’t stay in good shape for long. Unfortunately, it’s not just high temperatures you need to worry about. Your fireplace also produces acidic gases that break down your mortar, creating pathways for fumes to enter your home. This results in a higher risk of house fires and it also increase the potential for carbon monoxide exposure, which can be fatal when not treated quickly enough.

Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, so if you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home, we strongly urge you to do so. These devices have saved countless lives, as the gas is next to impossible to detect by one’s self. Talk to us today about lowering risks. It’s well worth taking these few simple steps!

Ensuring Optimal Efficiency

Finally, your chimney liner keeps airflow moving smoothly and helps your entire fireplace function a lot more efficiently, giving you the performance levels you deserve. Call us in today, so we can check that everything is fitted correctly and in the right place, guaranteeing you cozy and comfortable fires to enjoy all winter long.

The time to call is now, especially as the holidays near. Talk to our team today!