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Have Your Dryer Vents Cleaned Before Cold Weather Strikes

At Top Hat Chimney Sweeps, we provide exceptional fireplace and chimney services. We’ve been helping homeowners for over three decade, and some of these services include repairing your masonry, servicing your gas appliances, addressing your chimney leaks, and more! Did you know that we also perform dryer vent services too?

Like your chimney and fireplace, dryer vents is dangerous when installed incorrectly or not regularly maintained. Our team members are all CSIA certified dryer exhaust technicians, and we’re ready to serve you!

We Work Hard To Keep You Safe

Get Your Dryer Vents Cleaned - Auburn AL - Top Hat Chimney SweepsAcquiring your CDET certification is not an easy task. Like the CSIA certification, becoming trained in dryer vent cleaning and maintenance require hours of studying, and there are also workshops and training sessions taken.

We believe that obtaining this certification is important to keep your homes safe. Our sweeps take this training very seriously, and they complete all the necessary training to better serve you. We never settle for less, and we pride ourselves on taking advantage of the many educational opportunities. That’s what keeps our customers safe and their homes in tip-top shape, and it’s why we do what we do.

Dangers Of A Dirty Dryer Vent

Dryer vent cleaning is important to keep your appliance running more efficiently and keep your family safe. It’s best done by the hands of a trained professional. But what makes a dirty vent so potentially harmful? Well, one thing to beware of is the risk of a house fire. Dryers cause thousands of fires every single year, and the majority of these were triggered by build up of lint and debris in the venting system.

The heat and fumes produced by the appliance need a clear pathway to escape. When this does not happen, the system overheats and can easily catch fire. Addressing these damages cost money and time, and it makes your life more stressful, too! Avoid costly repair work and ensure your family stays safer by investing in a professional dryer vent cleaning today!

Along with this, clogs in your venting system also encourage gas leaks, potentially exposing you and loved ones to carbon monoxide. It’s no secret that carbon monoxide is deadly when not addressed, and it is extremely hard to detect without the help of a carbon monoxide detector. You should get your vents cleaned to minimize these risks and invest in carbon monoxide detectors to ensure the safety of your family members.

Your safety is extremely important to us. If you’re ready for the protection you deserve, don’t hesitate to give us a call now.

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Get Your Fireplace Ready For Fall

Are you excited about lighting up countless fires this fall and winter season? We don’t blame you! Crackling flames set the perfect aesthetic for countless occasions, and many homeowners love to get a fire going whenever they throw their holiday parties. If your fireplace hasn’t gotten much professional attention over the last year or so, then it’s wise to ensure everything is working well before fall really kicks off. Here are some tips for guaranteeing a safer and more comfortable year ahead! Get Your Fireplace Ready For Fall

Schedule An Inspection

First things first, an inspection is recommended to ensure everything is in tip top shape and running smoothly. The CSIA recommends investing in at least one inspection per year in order to keep things running as safely and as efficiently as possible. This is the best way to tell which services you may need to guarantee a successful burning season.

We’re CSIA certified, and we guarantee to check your system thoroughly from top to bottom. You can rest easier with our team on the job because we never miss a thing! We’ll get it done right, then we can advise you on the next recommended steps to get your chimney back in the best shape possible. We won’t quit until you’re completely satisfied.

Do You Need A Cleaning Or Sweeping?

No matter what type of fuel you’re working with, chimney sweepings are a necessary step in regular maintenance. Wood-burning units face dangers with creosote accumulation which can build up in a hurry and trigger chimney fires, as well as deterioration. Creosote is a highly flammable material that needs to be regularly removed to guarantee a safer living space for you and loved ones. Let us take care of it all!

Own a gas-fueled appliance? They need attention, too! These units are typically much easier to use and operate, requiring little maintenance on the part of the homeowner, so it’s not uncommon for people to assume they need less professional care, too. This is far from the truth. Dirty venting systems and faulty equipment could result in gas leaks, carbon monoxide exposure, and overall less efficiency. Call in our crew today, so we can ensure you’re good to go before fall arrives!

We Can Handle Any Repair Work, Too

It’s not uncommon to need repair work done before the fall season kicks off. Whether you need your masonry repaired, your chimney cap replaced, your flashing patched up, or something else, we can handle it all! From waterproofing to dryer vent cleaning, we truly can take care of just about any chimney or venting need you have.

Why Wait? Call Now

If you live in Auburn or any of its surrounding areas, there’s simply nowhere better to turn Top Hat Chimney. Our team is experienced, highly qualified, and certified with the CSIA, so you know you’re only getting the best of the best. Count on our experts now!

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