Causes Of A Smoky Fireplace

So, you’ve settled in for a relaxing evening in front of the fireplace, but then you are faced with a big cloud of smoke pouring out of it. This is unpleasant, unsafe, and the smells aren’t always easy to get rid. If you’re worried about experiencing a smoky fireplace this fall and winter, call on our experts now.

Does Your Damper Need Replacing?

lovely masonry chimneyThe damper in your chimney plays a big role in controlling draft. If it isn’t opening and closing properly, then this could the reason that smoke keeps coming back into your living room. You should really start to consider investing a top-sealing damper for your home. They are very efficient, and they’ll work together with your chimney cap to keep out debris and other build-up.

Do You Have A Chimney Cap?

Downdrafts can obviously play a big role in why smoke is entering your living space. If you feel that this is the reason, then it is time to invest in a chimney cap! Chimney caps are known for stopping downdrafts, so you avoid outside air interfering with your comfortable and cozy aesthetic.

Chimney caps are also great for keeping out animals and debris, as well as water. And they’ll stop sparks from landing on your roof, too! All in all, they’re an affordable investment, good for preventing all kinds of damages.

Is Your Fuel Seasoned?

Burning unseasoned wood can create a smoke-filled space in a hurry. The wood you burn in your fireplace should be dried out for at least six months. Seasoned wood is darker in color, lighter in weight, split at the ends, shorter in length. It also sound hollow when hit against another piece of wood. Avoid fresh-looking logs, as these likely have a lot of moisture to burn through, thus avoiding a smoky space.

Have You Scheduled Your Annual Inspection?

If you’ve tried it all, then it’s time to call our team for an inspection. In fact, we recommend investing in an inspection every year before kicking off your burning season. This guarantees a safer and more reliable appliance all around, and it helps to avoid dangerous issues and scenarios down the line.

If you’re fireplace is extra smoky, it could be because of creosote built up inside your chimney. We’ll get in, take a look, and let you know if a sweeping is needed. If not, we’ll do a thorough check-up and find the root of the issue. Rest easy when you hire our team.

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