We Provide Comprehensive Chimney & Fireplace Services To The Greater Auburn and Opelika Area

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For over 35 years, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and National Fireplace Institute (NFI)-certified technicians at Top Hat Chimney Sweeps have been providing the greater Opelika area with the very best in chimney and fireplace services.

We travel throughout East Central Alabama and West Central Georgia performing the following services for our neighbors and friends:

  • Chimney Cleaning/Sweeping – Having your chimney thoroughly swept and cleaned after each burn season is one of the smartest things you can do for your home and family. Because even when not in use, a dirty chimney and fireplace can cause all sorts of unnecessary health and fire risks. When you have Top Hat’s CSIA-certified sweeps clean your chimney and fireplace, you can expect thorough and mess-free service every time. Click here to read more about our sweeping services!
  • Chimney & Fireplace Construction & Installation – Are you looking to add a brand new chimney and fireplace to your home or office? Well, whether you’re considering a new prefabricated system or a masonry addition, the professionals at Top Hat Chimney Sweeps can take care of everything. Our NFI-certified installers can guarantee a proper installation every time, and our expert masons can build you the chimney and fireplace you’ve always wanted. Read more about our chimney & fireplace construction & installation work here.
  • Chimney Repairs –Whether your liner is made of clay tile or aluminum, it takes on a great deal of heat and corrosive byproducts with each fire. If your chimney liner is in bad shape, the experts at Top Hat Chimney Sweeps can install a brand new liner or resurface your existing clay liner with HeatShield®. Click here to read more!
  • Leaky Chimney & Roof Repair – Chimney and roof leaks can be a real nightmare, but we can help! We’ve been working with leaky chimneys and roofs for decades, and know where and what to look for. Whether it’s your flashing, your chase siding and trim, your chase pan or your chimney cap that needs some attention, we’ve got you covered. We can also build a chimney cricket to redirect water and apply a preventative waterproofing product. Click here to read more about the dangers of water, what to look for and how we can help!
  • Chimney Troubleshooting – Is your chimney operating at less than desirable levels of efficiency and enjoyment? If your chimney or appliance is smoky, smelly, or isn’t working the way it should, we can troubleshoot your issues. Our CSIA-certified technicians have a comprehensive understanding of chimneys and fireplaces, and can make the necessary recommendations for bringing your chimney system back to peak performance and safety. Click here for more information.
  • Gas Appliance Servicing – Gas appliances are loved for their ease of use and clean burn, but they still require maintenance and professional attention. Whether you’re looking to have a gas appliance installed, inspected or repaired, you can rely on Top Hat Chimney Sweeps. We’re NFI-certified gas appliance installers and know how to keep things working the way they should. Click here for more on our gas appliance services.
  • Masonry Construction & Repair – Damaged or deteriorating masonry can lead to all sorts of issues if left in disrepair. Cracks, gaps and crumbling mortar can allow water in to your chimney and can also reduce its safety and efficiency. But with expert masons like those at Top Hat Chimney Sweeps, repairs are a cinch. Looking to add a new fireplace, firepit or outdoor patio or kitchen? Let our team of certified masons build it – you’ll love the results! Click here to read more about what we can do!

Give Us A Call For All Your Fireplace & Chimney Needs!

If you live in East Central Alabama or West Central Georgia, we hope you’ll trust Top Hat Chimney Sweeps with all of your chimney and fireplace needs and wants. Our clients are always our number one priority, so you can expect exceptional service and exceptional work, no matter how big or small the task! Call us at 334-749-3559 or click here to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.


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