Our Chimney Sweeping Services Will Keep Your Chimney Safer & Cleaner

There are few things in life that don’t require upkeep and maintenance and your chimney system is no exception. Every year, whether you use your chimney and fireplace or not, the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) both state that you should have your entire system professionally inspected. Not only does this help identify problems early on, but it also allows us to get a good look at the interior condition of your chimney system. From highly-combustible creosote (a byproduct of burning) to disease-carrying animals and flammable nesting materials, there are many things that could be inside of your chimney that shouldn’t be. But the good news is: with Top Hat Chimney Sweeps, you can use your fireplace and chimney with confidence, knowing that we’ve thoroughly inspected and swept your system from top to bottom.

What Does A Chimney Sweeping Entail?

When you have the pros at Top Hat Chimney Sweep clean your chimney system, you can expect us to show you and your home the utmost care. We will show up on time wearing company shirts in company vehicles and will lay down tarps and drop cloths throughout your home. Once we have the protective tarps and drop cloths in place, our technicians will carefully and thoroughly sweep your entire chimney system, from the firebox all the way up to the chimney cap, using professional brushes and powerful vacuums.

All brushable soot and debris will be dislodged and removed from the smoke shelf, firebox, flue, connector pipes, and fireplace. You can rest assured that all of our tools and techniques are designed to keep your home and your air supply clean throughout the entire sweeping process.

How Frequently Will I Need To Schedule A Chimney Sweeping?

The only way to know when it’s time to schedule a sweeping is to have your system professionally inspected, although it’s a good rule of thumb to have your system swept at the end of every burn season. Leaving creosote and soot in your chimney throughout the spring and hot summer months can lead to serious odor problems.

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