Repair & Restore With HeatShield®!

Your chimney liner takes quite a beating with each and every fire, but if yours has seen better days, HeatShield® may be able to help!

HeatShield® is a cerfractory sealant made by CeCure Chimney Systems that is designed to restore or reline clay flues. There are a few ways in which HeatShield® can be used, and each method is chosen based upon the level of flue degradation:

  1. Joint Repair Method – The joints of your clay liner can undergo some pretty serious damage from moisture and heat. When this happens, the safety of the chimney system is compromised and repairs need to be made. To repair these joints, we can apply the HeatShield® product, smoothing it over with a foam applicator. The result? A flue that’s safe for use!
  2. Flue Resurfacing – Sometimes, a clay flue liner needs more than just a few patches here and there. If your flue is extensively damaged, but your chimney itself is still in reputable condition, we may simply opt to resurface your flue liner with HeatShield®. We start out by creating a custom foam applicator, applying a prep coat to your entire flue, and then pouring the HeatShield® product down into the flue once the prep coat dries.. Next, we use the foam applicator to ensure that the product is smooth and has filled every gap and crack. What are you left with? A smoke-tight flue, without the cost of a rebuild!
  3. CeCure Sleeve Relining Method – If your masonry chimney is unlined, we can use that very same HeatShield® product to fully line your system! We start out with a custom foam applicator and a prep coat, just as we do when resurfacing a flue liner. Next, we apply a layer of HeatShield®, slip a “sleeve” down into the chimney flue, and then apply another layer of HeatShield®. What you end up with is a durable new flue liner that is able to withstand even the most extreme temperatures.

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A professional chimney inspection can determine if the chimney repair you need is relining or resurfacing.

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