Why, Why, Why Is My Chimney Smoking?

Whether you’ve got a fire blazing or not, smoke really shouldn’t be present in your home. And if it is, there’s a good chance you’ve got a problem on your hands. Some of the most common causes of smoke problems include:

  • Flue size – When buying and installing a new appliance, it’s important to consider the size of the appliance in relation to the size of the flue. Unfortunately, many “chimney professionals” don’t. That’s where smoking problems come in. If the flue is too big or too small for the appliance it’s being used with, it won’t be able to effectively remove the smoke from the home and will instead allow it to seep back into the home. What can be done? It’s possible we can fix your smoke problems by installing a new flue liner.
  • Damper – The damper in your chimney system is typically located in the throat, just above the firebox. If you remembered to open your damper, but it’s not acting like its opened, it’s possible that your damper is rusted into place or that it’s just plain broken. Ask our pros about top-sealing dampers which do the job of a damper and a cap in one!
  • Poor design – Although it’s not good news, it’s entirely possible that your smoke problems are due to poor design and poor construction. If this is the case, we may be able to make some small adjustments that can help, but if you need a full rebuild, you can count on us for that as well.
  • Chimney Cap – If you have a smoke problem with your chimney, it’s possible that the solution is as simple as installing a new chimney cap. Sometimes smoke problems are a result of downdrafts from strong gusts of wind. In these situations, a specially designed chimney cap can put a stop to the problem.
  • Wood – So you have a smoke problem? What kind of wood are you burning? If the wood you’re using isn’t properly seasoned, the excess moisture could be causing excess smoke. If this is the cause of your smoke problems, let our experts help! We can tell you exactly what to do to ensure that your wood is ready to fuel the fire!
  • Flue Obstructions – If your flue is blocked by animals, nesting materials, newspaper, foliage, creosote or anything else, smoke is going to have a hard time exiting. In these cases, the smoke may simply come back down into your home. A professional and thorough inspection with a video camera can let you know if this is the source of your smoke problems. And if it is, our pros can remove the obstructions and restore your system.
  • Air supply – Your chimney system needs air in order to vent properly. And if it’s competing with all of the other appliances in your home for a small amount of air, smoke is definitely going to be an issue. From opening a window to installing a new outdoor air source, our technicians have solutions.

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Troubleshooting your chimney problems can help us track down the source of draft and odor issues. Wouldn’t it be great to have that taken care of?

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