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When you opt to add a fireplace and chimney system to your home, you want to be confident that the installers or masons are experts in their field and know what to do and how to do it properly. You want to be confident that they are using the best materials and the best techniques, and that you’ll be left with a beautiful and efficient new system. Well, with Top Hat Chimney Sweeps on the job, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Why Add A Fireplace And Chimney?

Adding a new fireplace and chimney to your home can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • First, it can add enjoyment. When the wind outside is so cold it hurts, there’s nothing quite as nice and relaxing as sitting by a warm fire. But fireplaces aren’t just for those freezing nights – they also make sharing coffee with company or losing yourself in a book twice as nice.
  • Second, it can add warmth. Aside from the fact that sitting by the fireplace makes the evening twice as cozy, many fireplaces can be used as an added source of heat for a room or even for an entire floor of your home. If you’re looking to cut back on energy costs by adding an appliance as an additional source of heat, we can help you decide what type of fireplace and chimney will give you the heat output you’re looking for.
  • Third, it can add design flair. Let’s face it, a dingy fireplace can bring down the entire room, but a gorgeous new fireplace can take the room to the next level. What’s keeping your “great room” from being great? Why not add a breathtaking focal point to the room with a new stately fireplace? It’s amazing what a fireplace addition can do to bring a room together.
  • Fourth, it can add value. According to HGTV Remodels, “fireplaces significantly enhance home values”. Why? Because homeowners enjoy the ambiance and warmth put out by a fireplace! And homeowners don’t just love fireplaces in their living rooms these days – they love them in bathrooms, kitchens, master bedrooms and even finished basements.

Should I Have A Masonry Chimney & Fireplace Built Or Should I Add A Factory-Built System?

When considering whether to go with a masonry or a factory-built unit, there are several things to ask yourself.

  • Can My Home Support The Weight Of Masonry? The stone, brick and mortar used in the construction of masonry systems can be incredibly heavy, so with a masonry fireplace and chimney, you must have the proper support/foundation. Prefabricated systems, on the other hand, are typically made of much lighter materials and imitation stone, meaning they can be installed in homes that aren’t capable of supporting a heavy masonry system.
  • How Much Am I Willing To Spend? Because prefabricated systems are made of lighter materials and imitation stone, the systems are less expensive than their masonry counterparts. Installation is also much quicker and much easier, so you can save on labor costs, too.
  • What Type Of Longevity Am I Looking For? What Look Or Fuel Type Do I Want? The prefabricated chimney and fireplace systems we install are well designed and well built, but the truth of the matter is, well cared for masonry systems can far outlast any prefabricated system, which means for longevity a masonry system might be best. However, there are many things to consider including a good foundation when considering masonry fireplaces. Call us to talk through the pluses and minuses of your situation. With that said, factory-built systems are a bit more flexible for someone that’s not committed to a certain fuel type, because it’s rather painless to replace a prefabricated unit with a new prefabricated unit. You also have some additional style choices when dealing with a factory-built unit, so this might be an additional consideration.

If you are considering adding a fireplace or chimney to your home, give us a call! Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you make the right decision for your home and lifestyle. Call us today at 334-749-3559 or click here to talk to an expert!


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