We Can Take Care Of Your Gas Appliance Service Needs!

Many homeowners are switching from wood-burning fireplaces, stoves and inserts to gas-burning for several reasons, including:

  • Start & End The Fire Fast – Unlike wood-burning appliances, gas-burning appliances can be turned on and turned off with a quick switch or push of a button. That ease of use makes them especially appealing to those of us that only get a brief moment of relaxation before we’re out the door once again.
  • No Clean Up – Although wood is a great fuel source, a lot of homeowners aren’t in love with all of the cleanup involved. Those homeowners love the fact that there’s no ash to dispose of with gas appliances.
  • No Storage – Since gas-burning appliances are hooked up directly to the gas line, there’s no hassle involved with starting the fire. You won’t have to store or stack any fuel, which is great news for those with limited storage space.
  • Environmentally Friendly & Highly Efficient – As part of an attempt to live as “green” as possible, many homeowners are switching to gas appliances. Modern gas appliances are EPA-approved and designed to be highly efficient and eco-friendly.

Are They Relatively Hands-Off? Truth Is, Gas Appliances Still Need Care!

While you may think a gas appliance is a “hands -off” appliance the truth is that ALL manufacturers of gas appliances recommend, at minimum, annual service. The main reason is carbon monoxide, also known as the ¨silent killer¨. You can’t see it or smell it.  In 2010, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 80,100 non-fire CO incidents in which carbon monoxide was found, or an average of nine such calls per hour. Our technicians are trained and certified NFI Gas Hearth Technicians and know how to service your gas logs (vented and vent-free), gas fireplace, or gas insert. Source NFPA.

They know that they can trust our experts to properly install and thoroughly inspect their systems. They also know that should they ever need any repairs, our pros know how to properly make those repairs and how to reestablish the safety and efficiency of the system once again.

If you have a gas appliance or are looking to add one to your home, give Top Hat Chimney Sweeps a call! We can talk you through your options, recommend appliances we believe in, and provide the proper installation. Not all flue types are ideal for gas appliances, but we can help you make sure your system is set up properly and ready to work for you, not against you! Call us at 334-749-3559 or click here today!


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