Have A Leaky Chimney Or Roof? We Can Help!

When it comes to leaks, it’s often difficult to decipher if the roof or the chimney is the source. But regardless of the source, a leak is not something that should be ignored. If you’ve noticed any of the following give us a call ASAP!

  • Water or rust in your firebox
  • Color variations within the brickwork of your fireplace or chimney (including white patches or darker bricks)
  • Mold or vegetation
  • Rust stains on your chase, chase pan or chimney cap
  • Crumbling or cracking mortar or brick
  • Water damage on the walls or ceiling around your hearth
  • Bad odors or musty smell

All of these can be signs that you’ve got at least one leak that needs to be addressed immediately.

Where Is The Water Getting In & What Do I Do?

Although a good chimney system is designed and equipped to resist water penetration and stand up to the elements, water problems are not uncommon. All it takes is one little crack, gap or opening, and water is in your home, wreaking havoc on your chimney system, appliance and surrounding walls and ceiling. But here at Top Hat Chimney Sweeps, we know where all of these little weaknesses are and how to safeguard your system against water problems. Below are some of the most common problem areas for water and how we can help:

  • Waterproofing – If you’ve noticed white patches, vegetation, crumbling, or color variations within your brick, there’s a good chance water is entering into your masonry and causing serious structural decay. Unfortunately, many homeowners decide to address the problem by applying paint or a store-bought waterproofing product to their chimney. In most cases, these products actually end up suffocating the brick, which can actually make matters worse. But here at Top Hat Chimney Sweeps, we use a specially-formulated product to keep water out without trapping moisture and gas within. Click here to read more about our waterproofing product and services.
  • Flashing – The flashing of your home refers to the sheets of metal that are layered where your chimney and roof intersect. The whole point of flashing is to keep water out of this vulnerable area, but unfortunately, this is often the exact area where we see water enter. This is typically due to improper installation, strong storms or animal tampering. Click here to read more about the importance of flashing and how we can repair or replace yours.
  • Crickets – Many water problems are due to the way the roof and the chimney were designed and constructed. If we find that this is the case with your water problem, we can build you a custom cricket, which essentially redirects water so that it runs off of your roof instead of into your chimney. Click here to learn more.
  • Siding & Trim – If your siding and trim are water damaged and rusty, there’s a good chance it’s due to a design flaw. But we can help! Click here to find out more!
  • Chase Pans – A chase pan serves the same purpose as the chimney crown, only it’s metal and sits atop a prefabricated system. Because these are made of metal, time and severe weather can cause them to rust and rot, leaving holes and ways for water to enter the chimney system. If this is the cause of your leaks, let us replace your chase pan with a high-quality and incredibly durable new one! Click here!
  • Chimney Caps – The chimney cap is the cover that sits atop your flue, protecting it from water, animal and insect entry. If your chimney cap is missing, damaged or improperly installed, there’s a good chance this is where your leak is originating. Click here to find out how we can help!

Water Is The Worst!

In your chimney’s opinion, water is the worst. Help your chimney stand tall through it all – give us a call at 334-749-3559 or click here!


Take advantage of our chimney troubleshooting experience to help you figure out what’s wrong and get everything back to top performance. We do all kinds of fireplace and chimney services, so give us a call.

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