We Can Install A Chase Pan That Will Keep Your Prefab System Beautiful & Dry!

Prefabricated or manufactured chimney systems have gained nationwide popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. These systems are designed to provide optimum efficiency and safety (when installed according to manufacturer’s instructions), and manufacturers have really exceeded expectations when it comes to design as well.

Prefabricated units are lighter, less expensive and easier to install than their masonry counterparts and they come in a variety of imitation stone and brick styles. For all these reasons, we find more and more homeowners opting for prefab units when it’s time to add or upgrade.

But just like their masonry counterparts, prefabricated chimney systems require regular attention, from annual inspections to regular cleanings. These systems also require you to have water-protection components professionally installed. One of the most important water-protection components is the chase pan.

What Is A Chase Pan?

To understand the chase pan, you must understand the chase. The chase of a prefabricated chimney refers to the decorative and protective covering that surrounds the metal flue of the chimney. In other words, it’s what makes a prefabricated chimney look like a chimney and not simply a pipe.

Now, onto the chase pan.

The chase pan is the prefabricated chimney’s version of a crown, and is essentially a metal cover that sits atop the chase. It works to keep rain, wind, debris, animals and insects out of the chimney and out of the home.

Unfortunately, water can do a number on your chase pan, creating rust and holes. Once water has its way with your chase pan, you can expect that water to get into your chimney system and cause even more destruction and corrosion.

We Can Replace Your Chase Pan With A Durable & Attractive New Chase Pan!

Is it time for your chase pan to retire? Aside from rust stains along the chase, it can be hard to tell from the ground. That’s where we come in! Regardless of the age of your prefabricated system, it’s important to schedule annual inspections with a professional chimney sweep you can trust. Inspections will allow us to get a good look at your chimney system from top to bottom and determine if any parts need to be replaced or repaired.

To schedule your inspection or find out more about chase pans, give us a call at 334-749-3559 or click here!


Your chimney may benefit from a chimney cap to help eliminate a leaky chimney, so check it out.

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