There’s Crickets And Then There’s Crickets

You’re not alone if you read the title of this page and thought,

“Crickets? What do they have to do with my chimney?”

Well, we’re not talking about insects here. In the chimney world, crickets refer to a type of flashing that is built to direct water (that would otherwise gather at the chimney base) around the chimney and off of the roof.

How Do I Know If My System Should Have A Cricket?

Industry standards recommend a cricket on all chimneys wider than 30¨ where the roof slopes down towards the chimney. Why? Because as rain, snow and sleet fall, the slope on the roof leading down to your chimney will direct water right into the masonry of your chimney at the already vulnerable point where roof and chimney meet.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your roof slope is causing a problem for your chimney, give Top Hat Chimney Sweeps a call! We can send one of our expert technicians to inspect your system and determine where your water-vulnerable points are. And if we do end up recommending a cricket for your system, you’re in good hands. Our pros have years of experience building quality crickets that protect and last for the long term.

Is Water Really That Bad For My Chimney System?

The answer is: definitely. Your chimney system is exposed to the elements day after day, and if your chimney is not properly protected and inspected regularly, you could notice some or all of the following water-related damages:

  • Rust, corrosion and holes riddling the metal components of your chimney system, like your flue liner, firebox, or damper
  • Gaps, cracks, holes, decay and crumbling brick and mortar
  • Color variations within brick, including darkening and white patches (efflorescence)
  • Mold and vegetation growth in and on your masonry
  • Rust stains on the siding of your home and chase
  • Water-stained ceilings and walls
  • Musty, dank odor within your home

Keep Water Problems At Bay – Call On Top Hat Chimney Sweeps!

Could your chimney use a little help from a cricket? Give us a call today at 334-749-3559 or click here!


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