Your Flashing Could Be The Source Of Your Leak!

Without water, life wouldn’t be possible. But that doesn’t mean it’s good for our homes! In fact, water is one of the major contributors to chimney damage, both masonry and prefabricated. That’s why there are so many components built into your chimney system to keep it protected from the terrible menace. One of these built-in components is called flashing.

What Is Flashing?

The area where your chimney exits your roof is one of the weakest areas when it comes to water penetration. Flashing is a series of metal strips that are installed in layers to seal the seam where your chimney and roof meet. These strips are typically made out of stainless steel, aluminum, copper or some other type of metal and, when properly installed and properly cared for, can do a great job of protecting you from water penetration. Unfortunately, not all flashing jobs are done well. Here’s why it’s important to have certified professionals do the work:

  • If the flashing has any bends or divots in it, water can settle in those spaces and eat away the metal. Our installers have decades of experience installing flashing that is smooth and ready to protect.
  • If the flashing has any gaps or rises in it, water can get in and make its way down into the home. These gaps can also give insects and animals a way in. With Top Hat Chimney Sweeps, you’re guaranteed gap-free, sealed flashing.
  • Good flashing jobs shouldn’t negatively affect the appearance of your home. With our pros on the job, you can expect expert protection and expert looks!

When Should I Have My Flashing Looked At?

Aside from installation flaws, flashing can fail when:

  • strong storms dent, bend or lift it
  • animals tamper with it
  • house settling causes a separation
  • rain rusts or corrodes it

All of these things can happen suddenly or over time, which is why it’s important to have your flashing examined annually and also after any major weather event.

We Can Get You Ready For The Next Big Storm!

If you have a water problem, or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals, give us a call at 334-749-3559. We can evaluate your system, locate any leaks and make sure your system is equipped to take the beating Mother Nature has for it this year! Call or click to request an appointment!


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