Let Us Install Siding & Trim That Will Stand Up To The Water!

The siding and trim on your house can either add to your home’s beauty and protection or it can detract from it – which is yours doing?

How Water Can Damage Your Siding

There are many things that can cause your siding to look worse for the wear. One of the most common damages we see on siding is due to water problems in the chimney system. Oftentimes, when a chimney system (especially a prefabricated metal chimney system) has taken on rain, metal components deteriorate and leave a horrendous-looking rust stain down the chase of the chimney and the siding of the home. These rust stains can be near impossible to remove and can greatly alter the aesthetic of the home.

But it’s not just water damage to the chimney system that can leave siding looking terrible. Sometimes the siding itself takes a beating from Mother Nature. That’s why we highly recommend having weather-resistant siding installed on your chase and home.

What’s So Great About Weather-Resistant Siding?

Your siding is your home’s final outer defense against the elements. Weather-resistant siding and trim can help keep your home dry and looking great for the long haul. Designed to resist warping, rotting, rusting, staining and other water and weather-related damage, the siding the pros here at Top Hat Chimney Sweeps install will keep your home looking great for years to come. Plus, with our siding, you won’t have to worry about calling a painter every couple of years – this siding will look like new for far longer than traditional wood or aluminum siding.

Protect Windows & Doors With Quality, Weather-Resistant Trim!

Unlike traditional wood trim, the trim we install here at Top Hat Chimney Sweeps doesn’t swell when wet, and won’t warp or rot over time. It can be used with any siding, and can keep your home beautiful and dry day after day after day.

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Chase pans can keep your prefabricated system both beautiful and dry. This is just one of the many ways we can repair chimney leaks, so ask us for more information today.

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