Don’t Let Your Christmas Decor Become A Fire Hazard

Decorating your home, inside and out, is a great way to spread Christmas spirit and get in a festive mood for the holiday season. If you have a fireplace in your house, then you’re likely well aware of how easily a crackling fire can light up the holiday atmosphere, as well! That being said, it’s important to practice caution to ensure your home stays free from dangerous flames. Review some of our guidelines below.

Be Careful Around The Fireplace

Like we said, the fireplace does wonders for setting the mood for the holiday season ahead. Because of this, many like to decorate their mantel and hearth with all kinds of Christmas-themed decor! While this can make things look extra festive in your household, it’s important to ensure that anything flammable is kept a safe distance away from the fireplace. Many decorations can easily catch fire if heat or stray sparks come into contact with them. Play it safe and be careful when adding items to your mantel this season!

Another problem that can occur this time of year is excess creosote accumulation as many attempt to burn their trash, boxes, wrapping paper, and more in the fireplace. It may seem like an easy clean-up solution to just throw unneeded items into the fire, but this encourages dangerous substances to form throughout your chimney, which then increases your chances of experiencing a chimney fire. Practice caution by throwing away or recycling your trash. The only thing that should be put into your fires is well-seasoned wood.

Do You Have A Real Tree In Your Home?

For many, it isn’t Christmas without a fresh evergreen inside the home. This is a fun tradition, but it can prove dangerous when not handled properly. If you opt for a real Christmas tree, keep it far away from the fireplace, and be sure to regularly water it, so it doesn’t dry out. The drier it gets, the more of a fire hazard it becomes!

Also, once the season ends, never burn your tree in your fireplace. The wood will be much too wet and fresh to burn effectively, and you’ll invite a lot of smoke into your home if you attempt to throw it in the wood pile. This is another thing that will encourage creosote to form, too, so dispose of it by another means to avoid dangerous scenarios.

If you invest in a fake tree for your home, just double check that it is fire-resistant. Most are, but it’s always good to play it safe and scan the packaging for reassurance. By keeping these tips in mind, you’re sure to have a safer and happier holiday season!

Stay Safer With The Crew At Top Hat Chimney Sweeps

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