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Yes, this is a water clogged dryer vent! Call Top Hat, not a plumber!

Dryer vents aren’t typically anywhere on your radar, we get it. But when it comes to fire safety, the installation and condition of your dryer venting system is incredibly important.

Unfortunately, in many new home constructions, the dryer vent has to travel long distances throughout the home, and ducts are sealed with simple duct tape, which can easily come loose after exposure to high heat and moisture (both produced by the dryer). Many times the installers are only thinking of the convenience of having the dryer in a bedroom or hall closet, and not about whether or not the path of the ductwork is conducive to airflow and fire safety. Your clothes dryer produces high heat and may produce dangerous carbon monoxide. If the venting system isn’t properly and thoughtfully installed and sealed, heat and gas can escape into your home causing a fire or serious health issues.

Aside from the fact that a damaged or poorly installed dryer vent system can easily spark a fire and lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, these dryer vent systems can also increase utility bills. If the venting system is full of turns and inclines, or if the dryer has to work harder to get adequate air supply, you can expect your clothes to take much longer to dry and your energy bills to be much higher than necessary.

You Can Count On Our Certified Technicians To Do The Job Right!

Our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified dryer vent technicians provide thoughtful and effective installation services every time. If we find that your dryer vent has been installed in a way that is reducing dryer safety and efficiency, we can reroute your entire system for optimal performance.

What About Repairs?

If you have damaged ductwork or ducts that are coming loose, our dryer vent technicians can make the appropriate repairs and restore your system to peak performance.We also provide expert dryer vent cleaning services and inspections, and can keep your system clean, efficient and fire-free.

For more information on our dryer vent services, please give us a call at 334-749-3559 or click here! We’re here to help you keep fire risks and energy bills as low as possible!


Regular cleaning of your dryer vents is a home safety chore that’s easy to schedule. Call Top Hat Chimney Sweeps today to get it done and done right!

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