Make Sure You Have the Proper Tools for Your Fireplace

You may have seen fireplace tool sets and wondered if every tool was a necessity for your home. While some sets do include the most important tools that you need, other sets can have extra tools that you may never use. At The Hearth & Patio Shoppe, we not only sell fireplaces and stoves, but we also carry a large selection of hearth tools. You can trust our experts to help you find the best tools for your fireplace, and we can help you create your own tool set that only includes the tools that you will need to use. We would like to tell you which fireplace tools are the most essential to have in your home.


Also known as a dog iron, this fireplace tool is used to support the logs in the firebox. According to Do It Yourself, the andiron helps to reduce the amount of smoke produced by allowing air to pass through stacked logs of firewood. Without the support of an andiron, you may have to deal with more smoke than you would like.


Used to hook, rake, or push burning wood in your fireplace, a poker is essential in avoiding injury when you must handle burning firewood. We recommend that you have a poker that is longer than the standard length to best protect you from the heat of the fire. You should also be sure your poker has an insulated handle to prevent getting burned. Other fireplace tools that help you safely tend your fireplace flames include a spade and a set of tongs.


When you need to increase the flames in your fireplace, you should have bellows in your hearth tool set. This tool can deliver controlled pressurized air to a certain part of your fireplace. To use your bellows, you will use its handles to open and close the nozzle and valve that allow air to flow through the tool.


When you have a wood-burning fireplace, you are responsible for the chores that keep the fireplace maintained properly. One of these chores is sweeping up ashes after a fire, and it is nice to have a specific broom for this task. This helps you avoid spreading ashes throughout your home because you used your regular house broom to sweep them up after a fire.

The right tools can help you safely enjoy your fireplace this winter. Contact us at The Hearth & Patio Shoppe to learn how we can help you get the proper tools for your fireplace.

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