Make Sure Your Gas Logs Get Serviced!

There’s no denying that gas appliances are low-maintenance and easy to use, which is why many are opting to call it quits with their wood-burning fireplaces. Gas logs provide a great alternative for people looking to gain the ambiance and comfort of a warm and cozy fireplace, only without all of the work and hassle involved. These units also provide strong, consistent heat, and they don’t require a lot of clean-up or maintenance. No ash, no soot, and no spending valuable time building a fire. Just flip the switch, and you’re all set!

That being said, many worry about losing a certain classic atmosphere that wood-burning fireplaces tend to contribute to a living space. That’s where gas logs come in! Gas logs look like the real thing, so you still get a timeless look and feel, despite using gas over natural wood. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

Does I Still Need Annual Service?Gas Log Servicing - Auburn, AL - Top Hat Chimney Sweeps

Now, because gas logs are so convenient to use, many start neglecting their annual maintenance. It’s true that these types of fireplaces burn cleaner and more efficiently, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need professional attention every single year! Issues can still arise with your gas appliance, making it unsafe for regular use. It’s important to get an expert’s opinion before your burning season begins to ensure your family and home stays as safe as possible.

Investing in annual service minimizes the risk of damage and carbon monoxide exposure. You’ll avoid expensive repair work down the line and, more importantly, it significantly minimizes the chance of harmful fumes entering your home and making loved ones very ill. Ready to work with our team today? Give us a call, and we’ll set something up!

Vented Or Vent-Free?

Do you have vented or vent-free gas logs? No matter which you’ve invested in, our technicians can help! If you have a working chimney in your home, then you are good to use vented logs in your fireplace. People love vented gas logs because they tend to look more realistic than their vent-free counterparts.

Vent-free logs, on the other hand, work without a chimney, and they’re known for producing a whole lot of heat. They work efficiently and are easy to use, but many worry about the potential threat of dangerous fumes entering the home. That being said, most modern units are designed with safety features that prevent exposure to any dangerous gases.

As you can see, these are two very different options, meaning they need to be addressed differently by your technician. Trust in us to get the job done right! No matter what issues you may be facing, we’re certain we can handle them all.

It’s not too late to call us in. Christmas is going to be here soon, so get on the phone with our team today!