It’s Not Too Late To Schedule Your Chimney Inspection

The winter season has only just begun, meaning we likely have some cooler days still ahead of us. If you have a fireplace in your home, we’re guessing you’ll want to put it to use when things get chilly, so now would be an ideal time to schedule your annual inspection. It’s never too late to get in touch with the team here at Top Hat Chimney Sweeps!

Why Is This Necessary?

If you’re like many, you might be wondering why sweeps always push for annual inspections. If your chimney has run well for years and you only burn seasoned wood, then there really shouldn’t be too much to worry about, right? Well, not necessarily. Over time, damages can occur, clogs can form, and pieces of your chimney can start to rust or deteriorate. All of these things hinder performance and put your home and family at risk!

Also, keep in mind that creosote continues to form, no matter how clean you keep your fires. Eventually, a sweeping will be necessary, and this isn’t something you want to be neglecting. Too much creosote could easily trigger a chimney fire, which weakens the structure of your system significantly. You’ll be more prone to house fires and gas leaks, and you’ll be forced to invest in costly repairs, as well.

Do you have a gas fireplace or insert? It’s easy to assume that, since they burn cleaner and more efficiently, professional maintenance isn’t as vital, but this isn’t the case at all. Annual inspections and regular sweepings are still necessary, no matter which fuel type you use.

In the case of a gas fireplace, damage can occur that affects the way your system drafts. This will cause it to work less efficiently, and it will increase your risk of carbon monoxide exposure, too. It’s also possible that debris has gotten stuck inside the flue, hindering the fireplace’s ability to vent out potentially harmful fumes. All in all, it’s always a safer bet to have your appliance checked over. It’s a worthwhile investment that will allow you some well-deserved peace of mind in the months ahead.

Make The Right Choice – Depend On Our Team Today!

Most would agree that it’s better to invest in affordable maintenance now than costly and time-consuming repair work down the line. Ensure you get the preventative care your system needs by calling in our team of CSIA certified experts right away. We have the tools and experience necessary to make an accurate and thorough assessment. Once we’re through, we’ll offer advice on the next best steps to take to get your system back in tip-top shape.

Need a sweeping? We’ll come fully equipped with tarps, high-powered vacuums, and brushes. You’re chimney will look and function better than ever once we’re through, and we won’t leave a mess in your home, either. When you count on our team, you can’t lose!

Give us a call to schedule your inspection today. We’re here to serve you!