Season Your Firewood For Better Results

Have you been struggling when it comes to building the perfect fire? From time to time, we hear complaints from homeowners who notice excess smoke, a lack of heat, and more overall build up in their chimney without knowing why these things are occurring. If this sounds all too familiar, there’s a good chance there’s a problem with the wood you’re using.

Use seasoned wood this burning season for optimal efficiency and better results every time!

Signs Of Well-Seasoned WoodWhen to Reline Your Chimney - Opelika Alabama - Top Hat Chimney Sweeps

Seasoned fuel has a few features that indicate it’s ready to burn. First of all, it will be lighter in weight than unseasoned wood. As more and more water evaporates out of the logs, the less and less they will weigh, so always go for pieces that put less strain on the muscles. This means they’ll be easier to haul into your home, as well!

Now, judging seasoned wood by weight isn’t always easy, so be sure to check for these visible signs, as well. Seasoned wood won’t look as fresh as unseasoned wood. It will be darker in color, split at the ends, and, ideally, shorter in length. It will also smell mustier and older.

You can also try hitting two pieces together, as sound is a good indicator of how much water is inside. Since there’s less moisture in seasoned wood, it won’t sound as “full.” Keep your ears open for a hollow, clunking noise when smacking it on the other piece of wood.

Storing Your Own Fuel

Storing, rather than buying, your own wood is always a better option, as you have full control over how long the pieces are able to season. When taken care of appropriately, a wood pile can be ready for use in as little as six months! If you want to guarantee efficient results, and if you have the means to do so, we encourage seasoning your own fuel.

We urge anyone storing their own wood to keep it off the ground and in a shed that is well-protected from the elements, yet still open and airy. You don’t want your wood pile to get soaked every time it rains or snows, but it shouldn’t be totally blocked off, as this will limit sun and wind exposure, both of which are necessary for faster results.

If you have questions, please feel free to give us a call today. Our crew is happy and eager to help you out!

Has Bad Fuel Clogged Your Chimney?

Burning unseasoned wood causes more harmful substances, like creosote, to build up in your chimney, and this can quickly lead to clogs and other hazards. If you need your system swept out before temperatures really start to drop this season, then count on us to get the job done right. Our qualified experts are here to clear out any excess debris that may be causing you problems, leaving you with a better-functioning, safer-to-operate system.

Lower your risk of chimney fires, gas leaks, smoke back-up, and more by giving us a call today!

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