The Patio Possibilities

A patio is place to rest and enjoy the day or night. It’s a place to watch the kids play, smoke a cigar, sip a drink, or read a book. It can be a place to sit and visit with family and friends or find respite in watching a hummingbird feed on a local flower. We don’t know what having a patio means to you, but we do know it means something to you.

Being outdoors, smelling the fresh air, soaking up the sun, gazing at the stars, and nurturing (or killing, if you don’t have a green thumb) plants are all things you do on a patio. Yet contractors seem to have forgotten the wonder of having a patio, because so many of today’s houses only have small “landings” with a little bit of standing room. Not really much space to do anything at all!

Spruce it Up!

Looking for a more enjoyable outdoor space? We can help! The team here at the Top Hat Hearth & Patio Shoppe is passionate about patios and all the trimmings that make them so great, including:

Our showroom is designed to help you visualize the furniture and other elements you would like to see and enjoy on your patio. Just thinking about changing things up with new seating or adding a kitchen to further enjoy your outdoor space? These are all things well within your reach!

Come see us today or call 334-749-3559. We are waiting to help you outfit your patio space!


Having a grill outdoors will add convenience and fun to your outdoor living experience, so give us a call to find out about your options.

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