There Is Nothing Like An Outdoor Kitchen

Fire Magic Island System

Fire Magic Island System

We’re sure you have seen some of the amazing outdoor kitchens featured in magazines and on TV shows, and the good news is: you can have one of these dreams kitchens for yourself! It’s not out of the realm of possibility for almost anyone these days to have an outdoor kitchen that satisfies both the simplest and most elaborate taste.  But let’s put aesthetics aside for a minute and concentrate on taste in food and the ease of preparation you’ll enjoy when you have all the amenities of your inside kitchen, outside. It’s fantastic!

You can have the prep areas and serving areas, the grill, and the hot plates right at your fingertips while you whip up ribs, hamburgers, salmon, or anything else you dream of cooking. No more lugging out ice – just include an ice maker in your design! No more balancing drinks and making multiple trips inside; include a refrigerator as part of your outdoor kitchen. Anything you would like can be brought outdoors to enjoy.

In fact, we can work with respectable contractors to build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, complete with plumbing, electrical, and audio visual components. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we can make it a reality!

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How Much Is Too Much?

The good news is you get to decide how much is too much or if you want it all! You can go as large, space provided, or as small as you would like, without rebuilding your entire house or moving out for renovations. All the new construction is outside – now that’s a relief!

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An outdoor fireplace or firepit will allow you enjoy your patio year round. Interested? Give us a call now!

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